5 Instagram interior cliches – designer edition

I have made one of these blogposts before, even though it was written in Dutch. But this time around, let’s dive in to the cliches we all are guilty of in English. I am going to focus on designer items that are becoming kind of cliche. A few days ago @styleandsugar posted a blog about roughly the same subject, but I found this post was unique enough to live on its own. That’s why I decided to post nonetheless. Check her post out (in Dutch), and please read on here! All things good and well, let’s get into it.

#5: The Vitra Eames LTR Occasional Table

Photo via: https://twentytwentyone.com/product/vitra-eames-ltr-occasional-table

Are you a person who wants to own a piece by Eames? Is your budget not that big? This is the piece for you! This side table consist out of a geometric metal frame with a thick wooden top made out of multiplex. This piece just breathes modernism and with its small size fits in in every situation. I’ve seen it styled as a rest for records at @niels.spierings which makes me want to purchase this thing so bad. Nevertheless; I see it a lot around on Instagram. Which makes it kind of a cliche. Even though I want to own it… Ugh…

#4: The Seletti Animal lights in Monkey or Mouse

Photo via: https://www.nedgis.com/en/products/wall-light-monkey-hanging-white-h76-5cm-seletti

This was an unique piece for a bit. Until a Dutch interior TV programme made use of this a bit too enthousiastically. The animals holding a bare bulb to offer some much needed ambiance lighting are so fun, yet are becoming so cliche. That’s the problem with fun and unique pieces available to the mass market, they get used in too many interiors. However, this is no bad cliche at all. It is kind of daring to use this kind of accents in ones interior. Let alone, taking care of another living creature in ones home. It… It’s not alive? No? Nevermind then…

#3: Vintage West Germany vases in typical sixties colours

Photo via: http://twoandsix.typepad.com/twoandsix/2009/01/west-german-glory.html

Hell, do I love some vintage ceramics. Above all, some West Germany vases. I own two West Germany vases, some of the most loved vintage ceramics in the world. I fell in love with them at a thriftshop right around the corner from where I live. These vases are in no way unique though. I found a lot of Instagram accounts with loads of pictures of these vases. Above all; me and @fijninhuis own the exact same green vase. Which makes it kind of a cliche. My love for these ceramics doesn’t die down though.

#2: Hans Wegner Y-chair or Wishbone chair

Photo via: https://www.roveconcepts.com/rove-classics_wishbone-chair.html

I have two chairs that kind of echo the idea of the Wishbone chair from Hans Wegner. I really love the design of these, with the armrests turning into the back rest in one simple, swooping motion. Yet, even though these chairs are immensely expensive, I see these chairs a lot. I blame it on replica’s, because I just can’t believe all these people having a Wishbone chair. I like these most in their natural form, with light wood and a light coloured seat. Are these cliches? Debatable. I just put them in here to come to five points. Let me live. Jeez.

#1: The Eames House Bird

Photo via: https://www.popfurniture.com/pu_en/eames-house-bird-zwart

Last but not least; the Eames House Bird. I so, so, so love this piece, it feels kind of harsh to trash talk this beautiful sculpture. Nevertheless, this bird is seen in a lot of (Dutch) Instagrammers homes. I think the reason behind this is kinda similar to #5: it’s a cheap way to have a true designer item in your interior. Besides that, this piece brings some midcentury modern into the home, while at the same time bringing some nature vibes in your house. The house bird, available in black and (limited edition) white will keep a good eye on your home those moments you’re not home.

A brief talk about interior cliches

So, this blogpost can be quite controversial. In no way do I mean it like that. I find it fun to notice the things we all have in our homes and I think it’s good to be self aware. Most of the pieces I talk about I either have in my home or want in my home. Haven’t read my previous post about interior cliches? You can read it here (if you’re able to read Dutch). Know more interior cliches? Let me know on Instagram! Wishing you a wonderful day! Also: be prepared for part two!

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