• Interesting post! Thanks for sharing your experience, I started my IG account 2 week’s ago and it’s reassuring to read that there are other people who think this “follow/unfollow” thing is just absurd!

  • […] Hey y’all! Welcome to the first #Blogvember post! This time I wanted to share something about Instagram. You see, social media is a wonderful place. It is also the perfect place to whine about things. Some see this as keeping it personal, I see it as spewing things I don’t need to hear. Sorry not sorry. I want to get into the trouble people have with the fabled Instagram algorithm. Let’s get into it! (PS: want to read more about this subject? Read here!) […]

  • Well, I should have read this before your post about algorithm. I’m also an introvert but being on social media brings the bolder me to the surface. I see you as an expert and I couldn’t be happier with what you’ve written. It’s just like real life. “be true to yourself”.

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