Getting inspired at het KARWEI-huis

Hey all! Welcome back to a fresh new blog. This week on Thursday I had the chance to visit ‘het KARWEI-huis‘ (the KARWEI concept house) for an early preview. The house -or better: home- is in the super awesome ‘9 Straatjes’ area in central Amsterdam, and has a LOT of style inspo, for every taste and every size home. In this blog I’ll take you through the house, share some of the trends KARWEI spots right now, and end with a little makeover of my home. I got so inspired, I just had to apply it to my home!

One of my biggest inspirations, this combination of dark grey and rotan

Want to visit?

First of all: If you are in Amsterdam between October 13th and November 29th: you’re in luck! You can visit the KARWEI concept house at Runstraat 25. With 7 style rooms, and the possibility to buy or order right there and then: this is the spot for your fall interior upgrade. More on het KARWEI-huis can be found here.

Textures, comfort, feeling and touching

KARWEI has seven different styles to offer, but with one common thread: the pieces ask to be touched. Luxurious velvet, textured fibers, smooth steel or marble: your fingers keep touching and feeling the materials and fabrics. The cosiness factor is really high in the different rooms, which is obviously perfect for the season we’re in. Cuddling up on this perfect green velvet sofa? Eh: yes please!

If this doesn’t make you want to cuddle up for this fall season, I don’t know what will

I was right all along: Millennial Pink is here to stay

So, if you follow me for a while, you know I had a lot of pops of pink in my home. I just love how bright and cheery this colour is, it gives a room instantly a relaxed vibe! Pink is not by definition girly, like you can see at het KARWEI huis. Combined with some black and darker tones, it looks regal and unique. So if you’re in the market for some Millennial Pink vibes: search no longer!

Blush pink, dark pink, brass accents: fully on trend and 100% for girls ánd guys!

Make an impact with mix-and-matching

Interiors are at their best when they look like they grew organically. An eclectic vibe, where pieces don’t perfectly match, but accentuate eachother. Look at these pretty lights above this dining table. By using different lights with a common theme of exposed bulbs, you make a huge statement. To me, this is the perfect table for a cosy dinner with a lot of family and friends. It’d be hard to focus on the food, with this all going on above you!

Edison called: he’s jealous of your lights

Making time for yóu in the perfect bedroom

Funny thing to stand in a styled bedroom that’s as big as your whole home, but this one is a-ma-zing. The eclectic vibes countinue with influences from Japan with the futon bed, boutique hotel vibes with the luxurious materials and pretty pastels contrasting dark accents. I loved this room the most, it felt so good to be in the space, and I immediately could envision myself spending an Sunday doing nothing in this space. However, this is not just for those who live big. Ideas from this space -like the dark accents with white sheets- can be applied anywhere.

Can I stay overnight here please? Thanks in advance!

My own little interior upgrade

So, this thing happened where I was insanely insprired and hád to -once again-  change up my interior. I went to KARWEI and bought some pretty accessories to bring some new energy into my living space. This pillow boho dreams are made of is my fave. It is so textured and comfortable. The two pieces of art on the wall I added fit right in. ‘Wild thing’ in an embroidered round design, the blueprint of a house reminds me of my childhood dreams of becoming an architect. The white ceramic hand brings some sculptural interest into it. Fun thing, this is now my second hand-shaped decor item.

Added some new stuff from KARWEI and rejiggered some things around: what do we think?

Last things you need to know

Het KARWEI-huis is not only a concept store, there are also some interactive activities you can join in on! You can get free interior styling advice, try out all the furniture and join one of the decorating related workshops. If you want to know more about that, be sure to look here.

Easy as can be: get inspired and buy at the same place

I didn’t want to spoil it all for you, there was just too many good things to capture in one blog. Want to see more, visit the concept house IRL! Are you going to visit the KARWEI concept house? And which style did you like most? Let me know in the comments! See you again on Instagram!


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