How to style a coffee table

Be it round, square or triangular: we all need a surface to put our cup of coffee away. Surprisingly, we call this the coffee table. For this #Blogvember post, I’d like to talk about a few ways to style your coffee table. From minimalistic and functional to bombastic and borderline dysfunctional. Let’s get into it!

Classy and with personality

Some books show what you love, flowers and plants tell guests you have your shit together 10000%

My favourite way of styling my coffee table is with a few books, a few plants and one candle holder. Mostly clustered in one corner of the coffee table (which only works if your coffee table isn’t round but you know what I mean). Work with bigger books, beautiful books with photography for example, or vintage Harry Potter-ish books. I’m more a plant-person than a flower-person, but for this style it works best to use small plants or bouquets.

This table holds stuff and has a job to do

Why put a few pieces on your coffee table when you can fill it up with a LOT of pretty things?

Not too far from the previous one, but a bit more bombastic and intense. This is basically for people that have a LOT of stuff to show off, and choose their coffee table to do so. No room for cups: this surface is styled in every inch. What makes this looks serene and not messy, is the use of negative space between the clusters of books and small decor items. Also, because it’s spaced in three same sized segments both on the table top as the shelve below, it looks as to thought went into it.

I own two things I want to show and that’s it

Let’s break the rule of threes and just put two things on the coffee table, if that’s allowed….

Not all people like to show off all their little nick nacks and memorabilia. Or, they have another place to show this all of, like a bookcase (blog following soon). Just two must haves for the coffee table can be enough to give it a minimalistic but styled vibe. To my opinion: candles múst be present on the coffee table. Especially with the colder weather coming up. Styling a coffee table has not rules by the way: just do whatever you feel. I felt like this needed to be said.

My enthusiasm can’t be contained but this decor can be

This tray says “these things that stand on me relate to each other. That’s because of me. I’m important.”

When you have a lot of different kind of decor items you want to keep on your coffee table, it can quickly look messy. To keep the messy vibes away you can work with a tray. Be it a round tray or a skinny rectangular one like this: it looks all the pretty stuff contained and grounded. Together they form one composition on your coffee table, instead of a few things thrown on the surface of your coffee table.

What are your thoughts?

Is your approach to styling your coffee table similar to one of the ones I talked about? Or do you have a completely different approach? Let me know in the comments, and also let me know if this gave you some inspiration for your space! Keep up to date of all I do over at Instagram, and I’ll see you for the next blogpost! Bye!


  • Description 1 is me, although option 4 is also me. I’m talking about the “I’m important” part;).
    I need space for my drinks. I don’t put my most beautiful/valuable books on the table because sometimes I’m a bit clumsy.
    My coffee table is an old metal suitcase which I also use for storage.

    • Hahaha I relate too much! And I’m clumsy and messy as well, but let’s keep that a secret!

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