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Oh oh, it’s gettin’ serious here for #Blogvember. Today I want to talk with you about sponsored posts and digital entrepreneurship. This mostly is about Instagram and blogs, but if YouTube or Facebook is your digital home it can be relatable as well. Do you want to know how to make money online? Do you want to know how to get sponsored posts and what the price is you should ask for a sponsored post? Read on, read on!

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My experience with sponsored posts

I have been working on my blog and Instagram since December of 2017. It took me a while before the followers and likes reached “influencer status” amounts, but around early September 2018, I reached 10K followers. This was also apparently go time for brands to get in contact with me. Before that, I got the rare business email here and there. After that: I got maybe two propositions a day. It’s a weird world. I have done two paid collaborations as of writing this posts and a few sponsored posts where a product was gifted to me. I am not a heavily experienced content creator for money, but I have a pretty good scope of what it’s like. So, now that’s out of the way: let’s get into making money. Because that’s what’s important (foreshadowing: it’s not…).

Different ways to make money online

There are a lót of ways to make money online. I’ll get into the ones I see as most lucrative, because that’s what you are curious for.

  • Income from Google Adsense on blogs, websites or YouTube videos;
  • Working as a freelancers with a project contract;
  • Monetizing your influence for sponsored posts.

There are also ways to “gain” things that are not monetary. These are the following:

  • Gaining exposure, followers or likes on social media;
  • Getting more traffic to your blog or YouTube (increasing Adsense income);
  • Receiving products, experiences or services.

Most of these can be made into a reality through your personal email. When your influence starts growing, brands and companies will start to show interest in collaborating with you.

Influencer platforms, management, marketing firms

If you want to speed up the process, I have a few platforms for you that can help you with finding collabortion oppurtunities (sorry, most of these are specific to The Netherlands. Have international ones? Leave them in the comments!).

  • Social Connectors – Dutch platform for interior bloggers/Instagrammers and brands;
  • Influentials – “marketplace” for brand deals, starting by 1K followers on Instagram;
  • Join Marketing – portfolio of influencers for brands to pick, no possibility to message brands;
  • Meet the blogger – comparable to Social Connectors (not sure if they are still active on their website?);
  • Glambassador – international version of Influentials, mostly small brand deals (do your research, this one looks sketchy to me!);
  • Your personal email – put this on your Instagram, and be ballsy and contact that one brand you really like!

What is your worth?

Let’s assume you finally got a brand deal you want to do! Great! Now, what do you ask for it. It is an idea to make a marketing sheet where you put down all the prices for your services. To my opinion, this doesn’t really work. To keep it fun and flexible, I like to feel it out from brand to brand. Also; your influence keeps on growing if you’re doing it right. That price you asked a month ago, can now be really little. To not keep you in the darkness, I’ll tell you the average of what I have been offered, what I have asked, what I heard other people have gotten and what I think is a normal price.

  • Complete package: blogpost, Instagram Stories, Instagram post. Link to brand’s social account and/or website. Between 120 EUR and 250 EUR (with ~15K followers and a good engagement);
  • Social content: Instagram Story, Instagram post, link to brand’s website. Between 45 EUR and 110 EUR (with ~15K followers and a good engagement);
  • Awareness content: Instagram Story, Instagram post, link to brand’s social account. Between 30 EUR and 80 EUR (free product or service is also acceptable (with ~15K followers and a good engagement));
  • Thank you post: Instagram Story, link to brand’s social account. Up to 50 EUR plus a free product.

The tea is spilled…

Well, I spilled the tea. Oops. This all might sound like a lot of money to you, but you got to remember that this is marketing for the brand or company. You need to see this as translating eye balls (which you provide) into extra sales or awareness. Also, you need to keep your website up, be paid for the time you put into it, etc, etc. If you want to listen to some more experienced people talk about this, listen to Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita talk about social media agencies/managing networks.

Rounding up

Well, that was a lot to share. But I didn’t get into my opinion on this. So let’s round up with that. I want to be (be it parttime or fulltime) a digital entrepeneur. To my honest opinion, it is not realistic that you main revenue model is brand deals. You should see it as a good side hustle. Also: as soon as people see you doing a lot of brand deals, you cán lose your audience. Authenticity is important, and when you’re paid to share something, it quickly feels disingenuous. So, if making money online is your (longterm) goal, and your passion is not in what you’re sharing, you’re doing it wrong. And you won’t last long.

I am the owner of my own business. It’s called TalkingSpaces. What I want to do with that is wayyyyy more than some fun money with brand deals. More on that in a later blogpost. Also good to know, most networks ask for a tax registration number to be paid for your brand deals. So the costs to be a company and the work that comes with it, is also something to think about. I feel like this #Blogvember post has no real point, but oh well. Stay tuned for the next one, and follow me on Instagram to stay up to date!


  • A very interesting post but reading it makes my head hurt. Possibly because I don’t have a commercial bone in my body. I understand that collaborations in the interior of fashion business is very interesting for the companies but some IG accounts are not clear about sponsorships and that’s annoying. I think they should be clear and honest about it. I often wondered about the new throw pillows, the artwork and carpets. If they are freely given be clear about it because we (the followers) have to pay for the items.
    I’ve a blog about art house films (together with my best friend) and we decline all offers. We want to share and write what we like. Give aways are freely given by distributors without any requirements. We sometimes ask for screeners because most of the time we don’t have time to go to premieres or organised screenings because of our daytime jobs. We’re free to give our honest opinion. If we write a negative review there are no consequences.
    I agree on you that if you’re in it for the money and not because of your passion it will backfire.

    • I agree: it is sometimes really unclear when people put the #spon in between all their other hashtags. I do it like: [#spon: paid promotion] or [#spon: gifted] at the start of my hashtags. I see sponsorships as a starting point for creativity, a lot of times I get excited about the product or brand that I work with. It is however a MUST to keep it clear and be honest.

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