Home decor lessons I learnt from my parents

The house I grew up in was completely redone (interior and/or exterior) numerous times by my parents in the span of the 20ish years I lived there. I always was so interested in how they did it, so I helped them a lot. In this article I want to discover if there are lessons I’ve learnt from them.

The lovely 1920’s home my parents bought and totally fixed up

You can do it yourself if you’re less perfectionistic

My childhood home was always cosy and always looked perfectly acceptable. Until you zoomed in on the details. The trimming, the woodwork, the paint job: my parents did it all themselves. This was obviously cost effective, but you had to accept that it wouldn’t look professional of perfect. A long time I felt really irritated about these imperfections, until I redid my own apartment in late 2015. I had no budget for professional painters or woodworkers, so I did it all myself. It gave me the respect for the job my parents did and the pride for doing something by yourself.

Don’t let trends dictate how you furnish your home

Trends and new fads were never a thing in my childhood home. It always looked the same for years and years, until something really needed to be replaced. Then they looked into the things that were available, researched what they liked (most of the times comfort was a concluding factor) and bought that. Slowly but steadily the made it fit in with the rest of the furniture in their home. Never ever did you find something that was current or on trend: not to say that their home was old fashioned. It was just their style, not what the style of the year was.

Against all odds and with some creativity

My parents (born in the early sixties) are a little bit stubborn. Which is perfectly normal for a generation growing up listening to Elvis Presley and in the whole disco era. This also goes for their interior. First of all: they didn’t have the money to just buy the things they liked. But that didn’t hold them back or make their interior feel less “theirs”. My parents were always buying stuff at goodwill or thriftstores, which I learnt from an early age. Besides that, IKEA was a loved source for interior pieces. Never buying the matching set (stubborn) but mixing and matching new (IKEA or good deals at more expensive stores) and old (gifted, thrifted or heirlooms) together. Which is what I still do to this day.

My parents latest project: this outdoor patio area that my father built from scratch

Did you learn your decorating skills from your parents?

Is the way you furnish and decorate your home now somehow related to the way your parents made their house a home? Or is the way you do interiors the exact opposite of the way your parents did it? Let me know in the comments! Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date, and stay tuned for the next #Blogvember post tomorrow! Bye!


  • Well I wrote a comment but apparently it disappeared. So hereby take two 🙂
    My dad was a perfectionist and pretty good at the whole DIY thing. He was also a lover of design and interiours. He died when I was 14 but I think in that short period we changed the interiour four times.
    After that I lived with my mother and that was something else haha. My mother is more the romantic type so that means a lot flowery things and a lot of knick-knacks. Not my style but it was very homey.
    The love of interiour, music and film I have from my father but creating a home I learned from my mother.

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