What your zodiac sign says about your interior decor style 2

[Part 2/2: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Part 1 online as of November 8, 2018]

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Some people believe that the moment you were born, influences your identity and how your inner workings “work”. I am a person who likes to read about astrology, horoscopes and numerology, but doesn’t take it all as truth. It’s a fun way to become self aware, in my opinion. In this #Blogvember post, I’d like to get into what your zodiac sign says about your home decor style. Let me know if it was close to the truth for you! Also, most of the zodiac characteristics I got from here. So if things are incorrect, don’t get mad at me, but get mad at them. [Just kidding]

Libra, (September 23 – October 22) 

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Two vases, two accent lights, two fauteuils: you like symmetry and the power of two’s. Your home is elegant and delicately furnished, with expensive materials like high quality leather, velvet, satin, oak and crystals. Reflecting is in any case your things, so a ornate mirror or two is always welcome in your home. For colours you’d chose for blues, greys, and browns: never in big contrasts. A ton-sur-ton effect would be 100% up your alley. You’re proud of your gallery wall of pictures of places you’ve been, and you have an extensive collection of obscure vinyl records.

Scorpio, (October 23 – November 21) 

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Your home is like you: out there! You by no means are afraid to show your true colours, and your home has the same personality. You pick a colour and you stick with it, fierce colours like reds, rust colours, copper and orange are your thing. And not only as an accent colour, you commit and buy also your bigger furniture like a sofa in this colour. Your home is pretty difficult to define to be honest, because you don’t follow trends. You stand for what you love, and with this you sét the trends. DIY’s hold no secrets for you, you are the king/queen of making stuff yourself!

Sagittarius, (November 22 – December 21) 

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If I were to describe your home, you would’ve changed it drastically before I could finish my sentence. Your home decor style is quite special, you like neutrals and botanical elements, but you also like inspirational pictures and quotes. Your home is about the big statements. Decorating to you is picking one special item, not about meticulously matching a lot of small decor items. Chances are that most of your home decor is thrifted or gifted, your stuff holds meaning to you. I’d see a massive sofa in your home, an old table that you found on your trip to Bali and a large quote about dreams on the wall.

Capricorn, (December 22 – January 19) 

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You’re all about the classics, the quality furniture and some beautifully crafted items. Your style is quite traditional to be fair, but no less beautiful. You choose for browns and tones of white, accented with more muted colours of dark green or other earth tones. Your sofa is made for sitting on, right up and steady. You’re not a big risk-taker in your home decor journey, you keep your items for years and years. A sudden urge to add colour is not something you’d do. Your dining table is your pride and glory, set with a checkered table cloth, always ready to house some dinner guests.

Aquarius, (January 20 – February 18) 

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There’s a certain duality to your home decor style. On the one hand, you like your home to be neutral and peaceful. On the other hand, you like some dramatic accents of purple, yellow or green. And not in the muted tones, you go all out! Your home, however, is your safe haven. It’s highly personal, with pictures you hold dearly. A beautiful portrait of a person from a culture unknown to you hangs prominently above the couch. Your bookcase is filled with books and memorabilia of fun activities you did with your besties. Your home decor is timeless, even feeling moderately futuristic with the use of smooth metallics.

Pisces, (February 19 – March 20) 

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Your home is your personal cocoon to retract to when you want to enjoy your time alone. You have high quality bedding, a truly comfortable sofa, and a rug that feels perfect to your feet. Your radio or record player holds a prominent place in your home, and your colour palette is all about them pastels. Dreamy and soft, you decorate your spaces with themes of stars and nature. There is no black item to be found in your home. There are however plenty of artworks you yourself painted, all more abstract and expressive. You like to accentuate your home with some fun and unique pieces, think Urban Outfitters decor items.

Was this recognizable for you? Or were you able to recognize one of your friends in this? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram! Did I not write about yóur zodiac sign in this blog? Please check out yesterday’s post! See you tomorrow for a new #Blogvember post!

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