What my home looked like before I lived here

In June of 2017 I had a few house viewings, one of them at a small studio space in the Oud-Zuid neighbourhood of Amsterdam. All of them were looking pretty “unique”, but this one stole my heart. Even though it looked awful, I saw potential. In this #Blogvember post I’ll show you pictures of the space before I moved in.

Sidenote: this is a rewritten blogpost based on a post I wrote in Dutch.

50 shades of greige and water damage

My first step over the threshold was an experience. You could 1000% feel the pro’s of the space. The good layout, the high ceilings, the pretty balcony: it all worked perfectly. On the other hand, it was in a bad shape. The walls and all the trimming and doors were painted in different shades of grey and beige. Also: the walls were filled with brownish stains from water damage. Nonetheless: I had already fallen in love. A quick scribble on the lease contract and the place was mine.

IKEA galore and horrible decorations

The place came furnished, which was something I didn’t want. After talking to the current renter and the landlord, it was possible to get the space unfurnished. Which was perfect, because the stuff that was there was in no way pretty. A crème coloured leather sofa, a MALM dresser, standard IKEA table and chairs, it was not that inspiring. The wall decor was horrific as well. The decal of the typographic world map still haunts my nightmares. The massive round clock above the bed made a lot of noise. Not the home decor for me.

Turning this house into a home

To me it was really important to feel at home here. My first step was to paint all the walls white, which they still are. The next step was just putting my furniture there. If I had had more time in moving, I’d instantly had painted the doors and frames as well, but that came a few months later. That gave me the perfect base to build an eclectic interior which felt 100% me.

I hope you like the peek into my home before it was my home! Let me know on Instagram what you thought, and I’ll see you tomorrow for another #Blogvember post!

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