Cheap and fast kitchen makeover

My kitchen has always been the bad apple of my home. It’s worn out, old and the colours are all a bit off. The kitchen counter has been replaced a few months ago, the doors were still like they used to be. I felt like sprusing it all up a bit. Want to know how? Read on!

Faking it with plastic

On the internet I searched for plastic decal had a believable wood pattern. I eventually found this ebony wood finish at a random webshop. What’s important is, that the width of the decal matches the width of the doors. Normal decals are typically 45 cm wide, my doors are 60 cm wide. I ordered it, and when it came in the mail I thought: “ Now what..?”

Quick and steady

It’s quite daunting to work with plastic decals. Once it’s on there, it’s on there. I started with cleaning the surface and leaving it slightly moist. Then I started from one corner and feeled of the backing as I went on. With my ID card I pushed out the bubbles underneath, and tadaa: it was finished! It took me about 20 minutes to neatly cover one door.

King of temporary solutions

Just like my wardrobe, this is no more than a temporary solution. It’s neatly on there right now, but because the doors itself are battered, the plastic wont stick for long I think. 

Thanks for reading this #Blogvember post! I’ll see you on Instagram or tomorrow for a new daily blogpost! Bye!

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