Answering frequently asked questions

Instagram is not for putting stuff out there and stopping there. When you post on a social media platform, you invite a dialogue: which is what I like about my Instagram shenanigans. In my 12 odd months of being on Instagram with this account, there are a few questions I’ve got that returned quite a lot of times. So for this #Blogvember post, I’m answering them; once and for all.

Why do you have two beds in your home?

I have one bed in my home, which is an IKEA boxspring which I enjoy a lot and recommend wholeheartedly. The other “bed” is a daybed, which I use as a sofa. This one is from the sixties and was meant for lounging and relaxing. I styled it with a new mattress, new fabric and lots and lots of pillows.

Are you in an Instagram pod?

Instagram pods are -to my understanding- group chats where all the participants comment on new photo’s posted by the other participants. I am not part of an Instagram pod, even though it has been offered a few times. I think it’s a tricky way of fooling the Instagram algorithm, which I’m not a fan of. Above that, I’d feel like commenting would become a job, which I don’t like. So no, I’m not in an Instagram pod.

Where is your clothing rack from?

My clothing rack is the BREIM from IKEA without the textile cover it comes with. I was searching for a cheap and pretty solution to store my clothes and bumped into this wardrobe. It was meant to be a temporary solution, but I really like it!

Where is your bathroom?

Some things need to stay a secret, even though I think I have shared the answer to this somewhere before. My bathroom is ugly, cramped and not inspiring whatsoever. That’s why I don’t share pictures of it.

What is your plant care routine?

I am a fake plant enthousiast, I have no idea how to take care of them. That’s why some of my plants have not survived their time here. I use a water mister and I try to water my plants a little every day. About ten to twenty sprays a plant a day is what I aim for, depending on the size of the plant.

Where is your pink and blue rug from?

I thrifted my blue and pink rug, just like most of my furniture. It’s a oriental rug which was listens as a “Vintage Turkish Oriental rug”. If you search Marktplaats/Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace with these words, you might be able to find something similar. Good luck, happy thrifting!

How old are you, what’s your zodiac sign?

A question I can’t formulate a long windes answer for. I’m twenty five, turning twenty six in February. I am a Pisces.

Where did you get your chrome lamp?

On the left next to my daybed I have a lamp with two spherical lights on it. It too is thrifted, I found it when searching for “Vintage Seventies Space age lamp”. Good luck with the search!

More questions?

These were the frequently asked questions I could think of. Are there unanswered questions you’d like to know the answer on? DM me on Instagram! See you tomorrow for another #Blogvember post!


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