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I’m all about the compact living lifestyle. So, when Tiny Houses Droomparken got in touch with me and asked me to test out one of their tiny houses for a weekend, I was thrilled! As a person living in a tiny urban studio apartment, I was curious how that compared to a tiny house in the middle of nature. I spent the weekend of November 9th till 11th at Droompark De Zanding, which is located in Nature Park De Hoge Veluwe central in The Netherlands. In this #Blogvember post, I’ll show you around, see what lessons I can learn from a tiny house and show you how I spent my weekend.

Totally surrounded by trees and nature

The park is located in the middle of a forest, perfect to breathe in some autumn air. It’s settled around a pretty lake, where all the ameneties like the restaurant and swimming pool are located. The entrance to National Park De Hoge Veluwe is just around the corner, and so is the village of Otterlo. I also visited the Kröller-Müller Museum, which has a stunning sculpture garden and some pretty art inside the museum, from modern cubism to Van Gogh. All that nature was A LOT for me as a city boy, but it really was something I needed. A well deserved (I think) weekend to relax. 

Trees all around, and a pretty little ‘village square’ between the tiny houses

So much room for activities!

Look, a tiny house is not that big. That’s why it was cool that the park and the surroundings had a lot to offer. I arrived Friday by bus on the park and quickly settled in. That evening, after cooking some dinner in the kitchen that’s bigger than mine, I just relaxed and drank some wine. On the second day, Saturday, I slept in and woke up with a view of the sky through the sky light. We went for a swim in the pool on the park, which I hadn’t done for a while, and settled in for a cosy night with some good dinner and -again- some drinks.

Sunday funday!

Sunday was more active! I went for a run over the park and through *actual* nature first. Then we went for a walk through the forest to the museum. After a lovely time there, it was sadly time to travel back to Amsterdam. Totally recharged for the new busy week!

Me, totally spontaneous, tying my laces before going for a run

A quick tour of the tiny house

Because pictures say more than words, I won’t bore you with my witty talking. I took a lot of pictures of the tiny house because it was SO photogenic. Have a look, and enjoy!

A full sized sofa, which also pulls out to a massive bed if you need more places to sleep. What I like about this, is that it’s not a built in piece. Like the rest of the place, this makes it feel really homey to me.
The view of the back of the tiny house, with a full sized kitchen and very space efficient dining area. On the right, the stairs double as storage. What you can learn from this is to have pieces in your home serve multiple purposes.
The loft area, with a VERY comfy bed. When designing a tiny home, you can restrict yourself by thinking in “normal home” rules. Why should you be able to stand at the place where you only lay down? It also gives a very cosy vibe to the bedroom.
Just like in my home, I’m in the mindset that a workspace shouldn’t take up much space. This little wall mounted surface is perfect for eating dinner, but also for doing some work on a laptop.
The bathroom, with the toilet on the left and the shower on the right. I never understand why people would want a massive bathroom, because I’m mostly in there and straight outta there. It’s perfectly sized, with all you need.
Massive floor-to-ceiling windows makes it that the inside and outside flow right into eachother. A good lesson for small space living, because in my own home it also feels bigger because of the massive windows. Steal some of that space that isn’t “yours”!
This might be my favourite part of the whole tiny house. The massive sky light above the bed. Because this tiny house is located in nature, there is no light pollution and you can actually see the stars in the night.
After the weekend, it really felt like my actual home. So I felt kind of sad to close the door behind me when I left. The little terrace in front of the house would be perfect for long summer evenings with the lights and the fire pit in the middle of the “village” square.
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a thing for high angles. What’s also great about the layout of the place, is the two levels. This makes the bedroom feel secluded from the rest of the living space. This is a thing I want to apply to my own home, no idea how though.
The before mentioned storage under the stairs. It’s really important in a small space that everything has it’s own little place. Suitcases, bags and coats can be stored here, so you don’t trip over them.
I’m still baffled by how they managed to get a full sized kitchen in this space. My own kitchen is half the size. It comes down to great planning though, because it’s located in a not that wide, but long area.


It felt real chill to wake up in this place and just enjoy the atmosphere. Compact living is all about having exactly what you need – nothing in excess.

Rounding up

I had such a good time at Tiny Houses Droomparken, and I’m so happy they offered me this experience. If you want to know more about it, you can click here to look at the park that I visited, here you can see the different places they have tiny houses, and here and here you can find them on Instagram!

Thanks for reading! Stay up to date of my posts on Instagram, and I’ll see you tomorrow for another #Blogvember post! Bye!


  • Great post. I felt your enthusiasm. The sofa is absolutely beautiful and I was surprised to find out that it’s a pullout sofa.
    You mentioned that you would like the stairs and sleeping upstairs in your own studio. There was something similar on the VT-wonen designbeurs by Binti.
    Now something different. It’s just a little observation. You started your post with “I” but sometimes you write “we”. 😉
    Just for the record: a stay in a tiny house is on my wish list.

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