How to style a daybed

What makes my interior quite unique -I think- is that I don’t have a sofa, but a daybed. I saw this at a few other interior Instagrammers, which made me get one as well. For this #Blogvember post, I want to talk about some ways to style a daybed. Because that’s the fun part about it, styling-wise they’re really versatile. Pictures in this blogpost are my own and from @deense_zomer, @dutchlivings and @theobert_pot. Check them out!

Dark, tranquille and textured

The lovely styled daybed from @deense_zomer

A daybed can be styled as a chaise longue, with pillows at one end and with the short side on the wall. This makes it an amazing place for cocooning on your own, or read a book or listen to music on your own. Linda, the person behind the Instagram account @deense_zomer has styled it in dark fabrics, borderline black with a touch of green. What she has done, though, is use fabrics that almost ask to be touched. The velvet, and the cosy fuzzy blanket, it’s all there to make it feel als soothing as possible. The daybed itself is a beautiful piece from the sixties (my guess) with drawers underneath. Looks amazing!

Bold, attention grabbing and colourful

Daring colour combos over at @theobert_pot

Once again a shaggy throw, but that’s where the comparison ends. Over at Theo-Bert Pot‘s place, his daybed is styled with a lot of colourful pillows. The colours are really saturated, not pastels or grey toned hues. Theo-Bert put the long side of the daybed on the wall, which makes it feel more like a conventional sofa. This sentiment gets stronger by putting the round pillows on the side of the daybed (the blue one on the right). Also a fun thing is to work with different shapes, like the lips-shaped pillow. The daybed itself is pretty different, as the whole upperside is upholstered, with a wooden base. Inspiration a plenty!

Serenity and simplicity

More subdued colours and a fun styling object over at @dutchlivings

Where the colours over at Theo-Bert Pot’s place were really saturated, it couldn’t be more different over at Astrid Mostert from @dutchlivings her place. This was my main inspiration for getting a daybed, and I really like how it is styled. The colours are all grey toned and more neutral and nude. What’s especially cool about this to me, it that the lamp is placed on it. This makes it almost double as a sideboard or just allround fun styling object. The daybed itself looks similar to the one @deense_zomer has, but without the drawers and in a lighter tone of wood. Specifically love the hand printed pillow in combination with the maroon jute rug!

Several styling sessions later

Like a two tone sofa, I initially styled my daybed with dark grey on the mattress, and white and nude coloured pillows.

Above, my own daybed in my own little home. I initally styled it with more colourful covers but I quickly settled on this grey fabric for the mattress. I right now have more boho inspired pillows on my daybed, but back then I was into the more simplistic and modern feel. Solid colours, mostly white, and big sized pillows gave the impression of a sofa bed in two colours. Like most, I have it with the long side at the wall. This gives seating space for three. The daybed itself is a bit different than the rest, mine has black metal legs underneath a teak mattress holder.

Did this blog give you some big time inspo? Let me know on Instagram! See you tomorrow for another #Blogvember post! Bye!


  • You know, before I started following you I never thought about a daybed. It was completely of my radar. When I got rid of my sofa I just bought chairs because I did not want a sofa. Reading this post made me realize it’s an option. Not for now but in the future.

    • I had the same thing last January after seeing a daybed over at @dutchlivings. I especially love it since I need a space where friends from out of town can stay over, but I hate the design of traditional sofa-beds. 10/10 would recommend!

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