Tips for creating an eclectic vibe in your home

There are loads of ways to decorate your home, and none of them are the right way. However, more and more people are getting enamoured by the eclectic style. This style, characterized by it’s relaxed and authentic look, is my personal style as well. It’s defined as slowly grown, purposefully mismatched, compiled over a stretch of time. For this #Blogvember post, I’m giving you tips for creating that eclectic vibe at your home.

My approach to eclectic home style

The difference between eclectic, thrifted, bohemian and retro

There are currently a LOT of buzzwords describing a certain style that’s really on trend. They all share that they feel really personal and they have a collected feel. All four of them have their own focus though, which is:

  • Eclectic style is combining all different styles to a personal style. There are no further “rules” to this;
  • Thrifted style is -you guessed it- when you buy (most) of your items second hand. Technically, an interior that’s all white, sleek and minimalistic, is still a thrifted interior;
  • Bohemian decor I feel is the new “Scandinavian design” -everyone wants to have it, few really understand it. Bohemian (or boho for short) is focused on neutral tones, wood, rotan, fabric wall hangings, plants, vintage rugs, kilim pillows, dream catchers and more rustic influences;
  • Retro style or vintage style is not per say second hand, but is inspired by the interiors of the early 20th century.

Where to start building an eclectic home

We never start with a blank slate, we all have our current furniture or pieces we take from friends and family when starting our home. This is your base. Define for yourself what style these pieces are. Are they more modern? Are they made of wood? Your goal here is to offset the style of what you currently have, with something contrasting. A rustic farmhouse table combined with mismatched chairs ranging from midcentury modern style to more basic IKEA chairs.

How to give an existing interior a more eclectic feel

Some of us already have our whole home furnished. Nobody is going to throw it all away to implement a new style in their home. Actually, for achieving the eclectic style doing this would 100% miss the point. The following cheaper and smaller changes can be carried out to achieve maximal result quick:

  • Make a gallery wall by combining artworks you already own, and buying some new at thrift stores or cheap home decor shops. The more they differ in sizes, the better!
  • Display a collection of ceramics, books, silverware, glassware or other pretty things on shelves or in a bookcase. More about that here.
  • Buy some pillow covers with different patterns and colours and mix then in with your current pillows. More about that here [Dutch].  
  • Invest in one piece that sets a whole different tone for your home. Like a vintage Persian rug, a leather armchair or a marble coffee table. Buying one thing at a time is soooooo eclectic, this is a beginning.

But why would I want that, Karst?

So I did a lot of talking about what eclectic style is and how you can achieve it. I never told you what -to my opinion- are the main pros to decorating by this style. To me, it’s really forgiving. I live with a random collection of pieces from my student time, when I lived in Deventer, stuff I got gifted etc. Other styles would not “allow” to give this all a place. I also like to change it all up once in a while. Eclecticism is perfect for that urge, because there are basically no rules.

Thanks for reading! Let me know on Instagram what you think of the eclectic interior style. See you next time, bye!

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