Moodboard for how I want my home to look

Hey y’all! Is it okay to say y’all even though I’m not from Texas? Oh well. This time for #Blogvember I’m taking it more visual. I’m more comfortable communicating in visuals anyway. I’m in a big time mood to change up my home decor. This blogpost serves as a moodboard for what I want my home to look like. Not exactly like the pictures, obviously. Some of them just give off the ‘vibe’ I want.

The moodboard

Where to start

So, as you can see this is a bit of a different feel then my current home. The first thing I’m planning on is painting some walls a really dark blue, close to black. Next to that, I’m a bit done with my current ton-sur-ton blue set up on my day bed. I want to spruse it up with some more daring colour combos. Combining it with some new art prints I have, it will have a brand new feel that makes me happy. For now…

Looking into the future

For the more long term, I want to finally make a pretty dining table set up. My current set up is kind off random and bores me. I want a marble topped table with a black base, combined with some midcentury design chairs. Think wood, dark steel and natural fibers. The translucent chair I currently own is not going anywhere though. Next to that, I need some new rugs. My current ones also bore me, even though they are pretty. My rug by my daybed is too pastel to my taste, I want one with more saturated colours. I want to contrast that with a smaller rug by my kitchen in white tones combined with black accents.

The vibe for my home

What I aspire my home to feel like is above all: relaxed. I want to feel home here, I want to feel like it’s not too styled. I want to do this by adding more and more plants and some cooky art and decor items. Things that are important to me are music, comfort and nature. These’ll always have a place in my home, they’ll always be the main focus.

Do you make moodboards? Or are you 100% content with your current home vibe? Let me know on Instagram! I’ll see you tomorrow for another #Blogvember post!


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