Once again about fake followers

Y’all this’ll be a short but kinda controversial blog. I watched a documentary by @followme.doc (see their IGTV) and it got me shook. I hereby -if you’re Dutch- urge you to watch it. They said it’ll be available in English soon. In this blog I once again want to stress a few point I already made in an earlier blogpost.

Nicolaas Veul from the documentary “#followme” (image is clickable, via: https://www.vpro.nl/programmas/follow-me.html)

Why followers don’t matter

Followers really don’t matter. Maybe now, if you want to collab with brands, you get that collab only with a higher follower count. That vapid point disregarding, Instagram is a social medium. Brands are already tagging along and are noticing that followers =/= influence or engagement. You can get brand deals with below 5K followers. It’s all so unimportant.

Why playing the system will bite you in the ass

So you played us all and you’re now thriving. Point is, thruth will always be the end of it all. And how fucking silly will you look when you have to apologize. You will be shunned from the community that helped you grow. Not a good look.

Why this all makes me nervous

See, I have a problem with accepting that I’m good or successful at something. You can’t imagine the amount of dreams I had that this was all fake. I actually dreamt that -Truman Show style- someone was buying followers for me to keep me happy. Also, I read somewhere that even when you don’t buy followers, you can gather fake/inactive followers around you. Because my increase in follower count was hella quick, I’m “afraid” I’ll lose some. Which, sound of mind Karst speaking, doesn’t matter: because then it’s more real

Look at me being an influencer

What I like about what I do here on Instagram is (hopefully) inspire people. I like the conversation, I like bouncing thoughts off at you guys. I like that I get inspired by you all, I like that you feel with me and I feel with you. I álso like doing brand deals, because to me it sparks my creativity. Also, it gives me money and hellllllll do I need money. Let me know what you think about all this on Instagram! See you tomorrow for (hopefully) an update about me painting my wall black. So uneventful my life. Oh well. Byeeeee!


  • hi!
    I Think you are doing an amazing job! I really like your Instagram and I can’t wait to see more nice content in your blog.
    If you got this amount of follower just because what you do, don’t even worry about that. Maybe this post is not even relevant according to what you are “proposing” to write about…
    Just Keep going, you are doing great!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Means a lot that you like my Instagram and blog!

  • I didn’t see the docu, but I,m planning to. I heard that some people say that the docu is fake. So now I’m even more curious to see it.
    Don’t be afraid Karst, you inspire!

    • It’s a good docu to my opinion. Obviously not 100% sure it’s 100% real, but I’m not surprised by everything they showed.

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