Why I painted my wall black

So: for the longest time I had all white walls in my tiny studio apartement. That’s not normal for me, in all my previous living spaces I had at least óne wall painted. In this blog I’ll show you some of the inspo I found which made me decide to do this.

Credit: www.instagram.com/thesanerhouse. I was searching for some orange combined with black and this gave me alllll the hearteyes. I love how it still looks warm en light, even though all walls are partly really dark.
Credit: www.instagram.com/sabrinavisual. I’ve followed Sabrina for a long time now, and I always like her combinations of more regal and glamorous elements, combined with more rustic, natural boho items.
Credit: www.instagram.com/marlonzwier. This. Is. Where. It. Started. When I saw this, I fell in love with the contract between the teak dresser and the darker wall. I also fell in loooooove with the idea of painting the door in the same colour as the walls. Which I eventually also did.
Credit: www.instagram.con/jen_pens. This is mostly inspo because my ceiling is partly painted in a old yellow shade. I initially wanted to paint all my walls in one go, which I eventually still might do. If I do, it’ll be in a peachy nude shade like this!

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