I like my dark walls

A quicky blogpost from me to you this Sunday evening. I want to say a few words about the update I gave my home and what I’m still planning on doing.

Black walls are cool

Like, my head is filled with the thought that my new wall colour is cool. I can’t really think or talk about anything else. I’m still searching for a good way to edit my photo’s to really capture it. I always edit my photo’s, full disclosure, to make them look a bit more light, bit more contrasty and more saturated. I can’t yet find a way to show the actual wall colour, with its blue undertone. It’ll come to me soon though.

My other updates

Besides painting my walls, I assembled a new wardrobe to hide all my clothes in. I also got a new Mapiful print, a pretty cool vintage light, a new orange velvet pillow and new plants from my CuKi workshop. I’m still looking for a way to reinstall my gallery wall -I’m not too sure about it yet though. I also already have a marble topped round dining table that I store at my parents place. I need to get that thing in here and create a lovely dining nook. With the black walls, the new faux wood kitchen doors look great as well.

Last few days of #Blogvember

So #Blogvember is almost done! Just 5 more blogs to come! I have some fun and secret plans for after November 30th, which I’ll tell you about once I’m sure about them! In the meantime, let me thank you all for following along. My photo on Instagram about my painted walls got over 200 comments, which is insane to me, but means so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



  • No Karst, thank you!
    I think you’re a real inspiration and your energy here and on IG is magnetic. As you know I’m pretty new to the interior family on IG. There is only one person I know personally (Niels Spierings) so it can be difficult to find your way. At first I followed some fancy big accounts. You know the ‘VT wonen spread’ accounts. The ones who’re not being honest (or clear) about sponsoring. Nevertheless, I started interacting. But the funny thing is that not many will respond. I think they check your amount of followers and your feed and if you’re not interesting enough they dismiss you. They judging a book by its cover (but using big words about the ‘go follow’ documentary, they’re a little bit fake themselves imo).
    So I unfollowed some (ohhhh) and started to look for ‘real’ accounts and ta-da your was one of them. Not only because of your feed but also because you took the effort to respond. It’s social media after all. Sometimes I’m afraid I’m a bit of a stalker but it’s not my intention haha. I like to socialise, especially like this. In real life it’s harder.
    So, I can’t wait to see what you’re up to next and how your gallery wall will turn out -no pressure 😉

    Btw. Forgot to mention that your chrome floor lamp is a real stunner against the dark wall.

    • I think everyone will get into the world of interior Instagram in this way. And I too have had some troubles with being ignored or no one wanting to talk to me. Some of the huge accounts are different though! But some of them I too have unfollowed because of these kind of reasons.
      Thank you for your kind words! And it’s not stalking if you’re not at my house ;-).

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