Inspo for the holiday season

Christmas trees are a big thing, especially in “interior Instagram world”. Last year, I didn’t have a Christmas tree at my house. I was still figuring the space out (after six months of living there oops) and I kind of didn’t feel like it. This year will be different. I’m really excited to make some holiday themed content this year. Let’s start off with this two-part digital moodboard. I have two ways I want to go for Christmas, which do you like most?

Black, shiny, holographic Millennial tree

Through the Instagram Stories from Jen of Blisfully Eclectic I became aware of black Christmas trees. This was before I painted my walls black, but it instantly caught my eye. The pictures below capture the mood I’d like to set for this kind of Christmas tree.




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If the season autumn was a Christmas tree

The other way I’d like to have my Christmas tree is more natural and less flashy. A regular green tree with more natural elements used as decor, with the colours from autumn as a theme. I was inspired by the Cottonball lights I see all over Instagram *please sponsor me, kuch kuch*.




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Which one do you like?

In my Instagram Stories I’ll put up a poll with these two choices to see which one you like best! Did this give you some inspo for Christmas as well? Let me know on Instagram!

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