Answering your *scandalous* questions

Wow, 2 more days to go for #Blogvember! And I’m almost missing my deadline for today, as I start writing this at 21:55. Welp, let’s get on with it! For this blog I had a really fun idea to answer some anonymous questions from you all. I thought, as you see my pictures almost daily: I should share some of my deepest, darkest secrets. Well not too dark obviously. I’m a really light, bright and bubbly person for the record. Also there are some “would you rather”s in there. Ouch, this is gonna be another messy blogpost.



Starting off light, innit? See, this is why I procrastinated on this blogpost. Because of these kind of questions. Why are y’all like this? My fetish right now -to be completely frank- are dark painted walls. Sorry not sorry. They really give me the special tingles.

Are you dating anyone now?

Besides dating my bed and my fear of failure: I too am dating a human. You didn’t define “dating” though, nor did you ask any follow up questions, so I get of the hook here!

Wine or beer?

Honestly both. At home mostly wine, at the pub mostly beer. Pfew, did I answer correctly?

What’s your most unpopular opinion?

Okay, I’m going to say it. Star Wars is hella overrated. Don’t @ me.

Hawaii or Iceland?

In an ideal world I’d visit both once in my lifetime. However, I’m such a pale bag of bones that I can’t handle temperatures above 20 degrees Celcius. Also, Iceland is wayyy more my aesthetic. So: Iceland.

Biggest guilty pleasure song?

Oh I have like 40000 of them. I don’t feel that guilty about most of them though. I think my biggest “guilty pleasure” jam is Left Outside Alone by Anastacia. Okay, maybe I’m currently listening to that one right now.

Summer or winter?

Throwback to the ‘Hawaii or Iceland’ question: I don’t handle the heat well. But I also don’t like snow. So I go for autumn.

Straight, gay, bi or pan?


Not really scandalous but; alcohol or weed?

Yes. Not opposed to both of them, don’t smoke that often though.

Hamburger or sushi?

If I were a cultured and interesting person, I’d go for sushi. I -however- am a trash human, that just enjoys burgers like it’s no ones business. Hamburger. All. The. Way.

Is Black Pete racist?

So for the not-Dutchies here, there is this tradition here similar to Santa Claus which has “helpers” which are wearing blackface as part of their costume. It ís racist. I mean, look how it sounds when trying to explain it in English.

Are you gay?


Night in or night out?

Night in for sure. Although I can kill it on the dance floor once I feel like it. But even then I have to end the night with some downtime at home.

Do you have any guilty decor pleasure?

Ooooooof I have way too many. Kitchy portraits of children who look sad. Way too over the top gilded statues of flamingos. Granny lampshades. Generic inspirational quotes is one of my most guilty decor pleasures.

Written blogs or YouTube videos?

Okay this one I put in here myself, being transparent with you. I write blogs, which I like. I always have enjoyed writing and storytelling. However, I stumbled upon a great quote when doing research about writing better blogs. “Don’t create content which you don’t consume.” Keeping that in mind, I’d choose YouTube videos.

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  • Well done Karst.
    Can relate to most aswers. The last question was a good one but although I like to watch YouTube I prefer the written word. So I’m hoping you stick to that. I was laughing really hard about the Guilty pleasure song.

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