Why I took a break from Instagram

Hi, my name is Karst and I’m addicted to social media. *Hello Karst* A year ago I started posting pictures of my home on a almost-daily basis. The last few days I didn’t post anything. I feel like I owe you an explanation.


The last few days I’ve had the flu, which is nothing special. Besides that I’ve been struggling mentally. I had way too high expectations of myself which I could never meet. I also struggle with “imposter syndrome”. This, combined with a fulltime job and a fulltime Instagram prescence made me feel really unhealthy the last few days.

It’s like reality but fake

I love connecting with all of you online, and I love to feel part of something. For a few reasons, I began to feel all of it was super fake and unauthentic. Which made me sad. On HypeAuditor for example I saw that most of the comments on my pictures were classified as “spammy unoriginal” comments. I felt for a while that some people just commented “because algorithm”. I hate that.

Obsession with numbers and statistics

As someone who has worked as a traffic data analyst, I love me some numbers. This gets tricky though when you over-obsess over them. I got way to deep into my statistics, how I “perform”, what I can do better etc. Which distracted me from why I even started doing this. Me losing passion is something I feel like you noticed as well. I posted because I hád to put something up. Not because I wanted to.

A toxic atmosphere

To be honest, the whole Instagram community felt toxic for over a month now. Accusations, gossip, hidden intentions, jealousy: they were way too prevalent. In me ánd (some) of you guys. Besides that, if you’re not doing too well mentally, the worst idea is to look at pictures of people’s lifes that are edited, curated and composed.

Going forward

What am I going to do from now on? First of all: I’ll probably post less. Which will lead to “worse” numbers, which I will care less about. Besides that, I’ll try to engage just with the actually interested people on the platform. And I’ll comment only when I’m actually interested in a picture/someone.

Some closing thoughts

After #Blogvember, I’ve also noticed a few things. First of all: quantity =/= quality. From the 30 blogs there are about 4 that I actually like and find well written. Also, I like creating narrative based content. Which I want to do more of in the future. But all in its own time, as I juggle this next to my job and personal life. On that note: thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you around!

4 thoughts on “Why I took a break from Instagram

  • Hi Karst,
    Bold move to say what’s on your sleeve. I know a bit how it feels to have some obsessive compulsions and how it can affect your daily routine.
    In your case, the whole IG thing has exploded. I mean 19.000 followers in one year is out of the ordinary and combined with your syndrome I can imagine that it is not easy.

    I personally don’t care much for the number of followers but stupidly enough it’s something you check. Probably because, like you mentioned, you want to be/feel part of something.
    We ‘discussed’ earlier on about the so called etiquette on IG and honestly it gives me the hebbie jebbies.To me it’s quite simple: manners, just as in the real world. If I like an account and leave comments a few times it’s courteous to respond. If an account has 10.000+ followers I understand it’s not always possible. However, some accounts with way less followers, don’t reply or interact because my account has only 200+ followers. That means for some I’m not interesting. I know that’s my point of view it could be because my feed is not interesting (ha, you see the insecurity is seeping in). If that’s the case it’s still pretty normal to answer. Social Media is called social for a reason after all.
    Why not post once a week or another rhythm? It’s your account, you’re the boss and if followers don’t like it…their problem and probably they not really interested. I completely agree on the last part about the toxic atmosphere. The “look at me” accounts. The first part I don’t know because if you a small fish in the pool you’re not a subject to that matter.

    I know people will say to you “don’t worry about the numbers”. But because I know how it is to have an disorder I know it doesn’t work that way. I really hope you will care less about your numbers… it will be a struggle but I do think you’ll manage because you already acknowledged it (the whole first step shebang 😉 ) .
    The blog thing is very recognizable. When we started our blog I was very fanatic. Later on that subdued a bit (yeah the lack of reaction…). But my blog partner told me that I was writing about films because I like to write so that must be my focus. And he was right. But writing is a bit difficult for me because of my disorder. It’s never finished, I always want to tell more. The solution is that he gives me boundaries according to the subject. That way I can’t ‘lose’ myself in the subject. After my illness my free time is less because I need more sleep so now I write less.

    Thank you for being open and honest. If more people will be that way on Social Media than we are getting somewhere. Now you only have to sort the wheat from the chaff. Good luck with that!

    • Thank you so much for your ‘welcome back letter’, it feels good! And it’s so nice to notice that I’m not alone in feeling this way. I’m currently actively removing followers, so my deal with my statistics is getting pretty good. I’m getting over it because I see what it is really about.

      • Hej Karst,
        Ben een trouwe lezer van (bijna) al jouw blogs, maar heb deze helaas gemist. Wat geef je ons een eerlijke inkijk in je brein. Dapper vind ik dat! Balans is zo belangrijk. Ook op insta waar het gevaar van focus op getallen voortdurend op de loer ligt. Aan de andere kant leveren die getallen ook leuke dingen op zoals mooie samenwerkingen. Die bekende medaille met keerzijde! Ik las net dat je gaat verhuizen. Veel succes met inpakken. Ik hoop dat je mij blijft inspireren met je interieur en blogs!
        Lieve groet, Linda

        • Hey Linda,

          Dankje voor je lieve reactie. Het is inderdaad heel dubbel, denk dat doordat ik zo snel ben gegroeid het als ‘niet verdiend’ voelt. Ik blijf actief, maar lekker op mijn eigen tempo! En inspiratie voor wonen in een kleine ruimte zal de komende jaren zéker mijn thema blijven!

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