26 Things I’ve Learned In My 26th Year

It’s kinda attention seeking to let people know that it’s your birthday. That being said: IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! On this day, 26 years ago, I annoyed people for the first time with my prescence. I didn’t Instagram my birth sadly, so I have no proof of it. Okay, this blog is derailing before it even started. Back to the case. In this blog, I’m going through 26 things I’ve learned in my 26th year on this planet (if my math is correct (if not let me know (actually don’t, it’ll make me feel bad))).

See point #1

26. Putting leather shoes in the washing machine is a baddd idea

25. Tricks to get rid of mice in your home are all fake news

24. Your occupation does not define your personality

23. Going to the hairdresser is highly overrated

22. Being an uncle is super rad

21. Moving house is something you shouldn’t do too often

20. Instagram is a super depressing and weird place

19. Instagram is a super awesome and amazing place

18. Couscous and quinoa are tasty and easy to prepare

17. Going for a jog once every four months is not a workout routine

16. I change my home way too often and you guys are enabling me

15. You get what you give

14. Dating is difficult and messy and not my cup of tea

13. Houseplants make me happy

12. I don’t make all houseplants happy

11. Living in a tiny space is something I love

10. Apparently I actually care about fashion somehow

9. That neon yellow chair was not a good choice

8. Natural fiber rugs shed more than a German Shepherd

7. Fucking up is part of life, not the end of life

6. Lidl is the most amazing supermarket that has ever existed

5. A daybed is superior to a regular sofa

4. The Bijlmer neighbourhood in Amsterdam is highly under appreciated

3. People like to read lists

2. If you don’t install a spam filter on WordPress you end up with 2.283 comments

1. Those number balloons are such an Instagram cliché

(Point 2 is legit. If you leave me a comment, I won’t find it probably. Try me on Instagram!)

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