Home Decor And Furniture I Regret Buying

Everybody makes mistakes. In my journey of making a home out of the places I’ve lived, I’ve made plenty of them. In this weeks blogpost, I’ll take you through the items I’ve brought into my home that I regret buying. Let’s just jump into it.

1. The beloved and hated neon yellow chair

Funny thing is, if you share your home on Instagram on a daily basis, the whole world can see your mistakes. On the 12th of May 2018 I bought a neon yellow IKEA JANINGE chair. My home had a lot of colour in it, but not this bright. It was brighter than my future. It gave my home a kind of childish vibe to my opinion, so around mid June I got rid of it by selling it on Marktplaats. Not to the pleasure of my followers that LOVED the chair though. Financially it wasn’t that big of a setback, I bought it from the IKEA outlet section and sold it for about the same price.

2. One third of a sideboard (no joke)

While I was moving to the space I currently live in, I also bought some stuff via Marktplaats. For those of you who don’t know: Marktplaats is kind of like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. You buy second hand stuff that random people list online. I bought a sideboard that was still in the box from a woman that lived 40 kilometres away from me. When I paid her, loaded the box in my rented van and later arrived home, I noticed the box was suspiciously small. It was one of three boxes needed to build the sideboard. I was bamboozled, big time.

3. That round marble dining table that’s absolutely gutted

Sometimes you have big ideas and you overestimate your abilities. This happened when I stumbled upon a round table with a black metal base and a white marble top. I bought it, brought it to my parents place and planned on making it look pretty again. It was in horrid shape though, the marble was stained with rust and dirt and the base was broken at the point where the top would connect. I tried a few tricks, such as cleaning it with a marble specific detergent but to no avail. It still stands in my parents shed, collecting dust and annoying my parents.

4. A two seater IKEA KIVIK sofa in mud brownish green

Moving from my massive three bed apartment in Deventer to the micro studio in Amsterdam meant getting rid of my massive sectional sofa. My solution for this was getting a small IKEA KIVIK sofa. I got it in June 2017, but it made way for my daybed on February 7th 2018. The problem with it was, that it was too small yet too bulky. It was not fit for someone sleeping over, the cusion covers kept moving weirdly. The colour of the sofa was also something special, and that’s why I recommend seeing stuff in person if possible. I bought it online and it looked way more green than it actually was. Long story short, I hated it. I took my loss, because after half a year of use I sold it for about half the price I bought it for.

5. The way too industrial and cheaply made black locker closet

Not that long ago, I bought a black metal locker closet. Also not that long ago, I got rid of it again. November 24th, at the same time that I painted my wall black, I also assembled the black locker closet. Soon I noticed that it was a terrible thing. It was not deep enough to properly store clothes in it, and the magnets that kept the doors shut were so weak that they never stayed closed. It was also super cheaply made and it showed. The surface was dented all over just from assembling it. The look was also a bad choice, my home had a nice midcentury vintage vibe, this was way more industrial which for my taste was not a good combo. It left the premises around the time I moved, so end of January 2019. Never. Again.

Learn your lesson for fucks sake

You’d think that after a few oopsies you’d learn your lesson. But I have kind of accepted the fact that I will keep making home decor mistakes forever. What I have learned though is that I feel worse about oopsies if I bought them new from the store. That’s why I mostly stick to second hand and thrifted stuff. I also learned a lot about my personal taste through this, because some of these buys were influenced by what I saw online. More on that maybe in a new blogpost though! Let me know on Instagram what your worst buys for your home are!

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