Five Perfect Plants To Start Your Urban Jungle

Pretty green plants can do so much for your interior. Especially when combined with vintage pieces and interesting ceramics.

Having plants in your home is not only on trend, but to my experience also fun and good for you. When I started sharing my home on Instagram I had zero plants in my home. By now I have five plants that thrive. Full disclosure, I had more, but some died because I didn’t care for them correctly or it didn’t have a good spot in the sun. Also, two of them got completely destroyed during the move. It is a learning curve, and I by no means see myself as a professional. For this blogpost, I want to share what I’ve learned about plants and which ones are good to start out with.

5. Zamioculcas

My pretty zz plant on my vintage speaker in my home.

The pretty dark green leaved zamioculcas, or zz plant, is the perfect starter plant. It survives to my experience inconsistent watering, which for me was the biggest learning curve. I had my zz in my old house in a real shady spot, which it survives if needed. However, it does better with more light than that, but no direct sunlight.

4. Clusia

The exposed roots of the clusia make it really special. A lot of guests have commented (in a positive way) on this little green friend!

This one is not on the top of most “popular starter plants” but I sure think it should be. Be it in a bit of a unique way though. The people over at CuKi Amsterdam gave a workshop aqua botanics which I followed. I made this Clusia with exposed roots in a container of water. All in all, it might be the easiest plant to take care of this way. You shake of all the dirt, rinse the roots and put it on water just high enough that all of the roots are completely covered. On the workshop they told me to use filtered water, but I just use regular tap water and it works fine. Refresh the water every one or two weeks and it will do perfectly fine. No direct sunlight though, because it will turn brown and the water will get too hot.

3. Aloe


To my opinion the perfect housewarming gift. This little cutie of a plant needs basically no care at all, except for a good position in a sunny spot. I’ve had this plant for ages when I lived in Deventer, friends of mine have this one and in my old room at my parents I still have one like this that survived without anyone caring for it for months. Above all, it looks super pretty, and brings some California summer vibes even in The Netherlands. If your windows are not facing the sun at all though (read, north facing in the northern hemisphere), this is not the plant for you. Which is what happened in my old Amsterdam studio.

2. Cacti


When you think about house plants, you might think about leafy friends. Some of them are prickly friends though! Right now I am in search of the perfect cactus, which is why I can’t really say things out of experience about them. I did a lot of research though. These plants -like the aloe- like a lot of sun and go well with some time between watering. Once every two to six weeks should be fine. Pro tip, just check if the soil is completely dry, and then water it. I like this plants because it comes in a lot of varieties and because even when the type is the same, each plant grows in its own way. So unique and fun to have in your home.

1. Sansevieria

Two different types of sansevierias in the back there.

This one is the best to start out with in my humble opinion. Even if you try to kill it on purpose, the Sansevieria will keep going strong. It needs little water, not that much sun and no propagating or guiding stems. Bonus: it comes in a lot of varieties, which makes it fun to mix and match different siblings of this family. Not at all boring! For me another bonus point is that it grows upward, not sideways. I have a small home, so my plants can’t take up too much space.

Happy urban jungle’ing

My windows are east facing so most of these plants can survive here pretty good.

Did these tips get you all excited to start your own little urban jungle? Are you going to start filling your home with pretty green friends? I surely urge you to do so, because it betters your life to my experience. Keeping something alive and caring for something gives you a feeling of pride and responsability. Besides that, it keeps the air clean and it above all just brings some aesthetic interest in you space. Let me know on Instagram what you thought of this weeks blog, and I’ll see you around next week!

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