Spring 2019 Home Decor Trends

Hi’ya! Welcome back to my blog! Spring officially starts soon, on the 20th of March, and that brings us to a whole new season to decide trends for. We leave the winter where we bundled up with faux fur and chunky knit blankets, and get ready for sun, flowers, butterflies and late rosé filled evenings. These are the things I forecast as the most notable trends for Spring 2019.

Tones of purple and lavender as a nice accent

I spend almost 25 hours a day on Instagram and I’ve noticed an influx in the colour purple in interiors. In 2017 and 2018 it was pink, for 2019 we will see purple in pillows, artwork, planters, ceramics, vases and other accessories. It’ll need to be a super specific shade of purple’ish lavender though, as purple quickly becomes an abrasive colour. See pictures for some inspiration.

Glass, acryl and other see through materials with a twist

If you’ve entered an Urban Outfitters recently, or opened the Asos home decor tab (would recommend!), you’d know that acryl furniture and home decor are biggg time now. This has been a thing for quite some time, only now it is with a twist. An accent of neon, or tinted glass in bright colours, are where it’s at.

Pink and green or orange and blue

Every trend comes with a new colour combo everybody suddenly should make. And it’s happening. It’s. Happening. Actually, I noticed two colour combos while perusing Pinterest, Instagram and my favourite blog. The first colour combo is most noticable on Pinterest: namely pink and green. The other one is more so noticable when you follow pretentious photography accounts, the orange and blue. There are also crossovers between these, see the images down below!

Want to go bolder than bold? Go for some hypnotic hyper blue!

I LOVE this colour. I NEED this colour. I AM this colour. Okay, back to reality, I see this colour as one of the most on trend colours of this time. Not a lot of people are daring enough to use it in their interior, but it gives it such a cool edge. To me, this is the ideal colour for a accent table, a little planter (with the green leaves YES) or for a pillow on a lighter, neutral coloured chair or sofa. Peek the pictures below to get a real feel for the vibe.

Setting trends or following them?

See, I’m not a trained trend forecaster. Contrary, I just go by what I notice online and report back to you guys. Have you too noticed these trends? And what do you think about them? Are you going to bring them in your interior for Spring 2019? Let me know in the comments down below! Catch me on Instagram on the meantime, if you’re curious if I have any of these in my home by now!


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