Oops, I accidentally became a minimalist

Minimalism is a lifestyle that’s growing and growing in popularity. Live your life with less, and pay less attention to the materialistic side of life. Sounds great and all, but I -like no other- just really like “things”. Never would I choose nót to do things solely because it would be “very minimalistic” of me Read more about Oops, I accidentally became a minimalist[…]

How to style a coffee table

Be it round, square or triangular: we all need a surface to put our cup of coffee away. Surprisingly, we call this the coffee table. For this #Blogvember post, I’d like to talk about a few ways to style your coffee table. From minimalistic and functional to bombastic and borderline dysfunctional. Let’s get into it! Read more about How to style a coffee table[…]

Getting inspired at het KARWEI-huis

Hey all! Welcome back to a fresh new blog. This week on Thursday I had the chance to visit ‘het KARWEI-huis‘ (the KARWEI concept house) for an early preview. The house -or better: home- is in the super awesome ‘9 Straatjes’ area in central Amsterdam, and has a LOT of style inspo, for every taste Read more about Getting inspired at het KARWEI-huis[…]