I don’t deserve to live in Amsterdam

Well, Karst: you’re really on it with the dramatic titles, aren’t you? Well, yeah. But they’re not fully *clickbait*. Like this one, as you’ll notice once you read on. Me and my Amsterdam based friends a lot of times complaint about the insane prices of housing in Amsterdam. This made me do some research, which Read more about I don’t deserve to live in Amsterdam[…]

Home decor lessons I learnt from my parents

The house I grew up in was completely redone (interior and/or exterior) numerous times by my parents in the span of the 20ish years I lived there. I always was so interested in how they did it, so I helped them a lot. In this article I want to discover if there are lessons I’ve Read more about Home decor lessons I learnt from my parents[…]

How to style a bookcase

People don’t read books anymore. But we still have a lot of pretty books to store in our home. They are more so here to be pretty, and to show we have intellect. What I want to share in this #Blogvember post is tips and tricks on how to style a bookcase. It is pretty Read more about How to style a bookcase[…]

Getting inspired at het KARWEI-huis

Hey all! Welcome back to a fresh new blog. This week on Thursday I had the chance to visit ‘het KARWEI-huis‘ (the KARWEI concept house) for an early preview. The house -or better: home- is in the super awesome ‘9 Straatjes’ area in central Amsterdam, and has a LOT of style inspo, for every taste Read more about Getting inspired at het KARWEI-huis[…]

How Millennials live and how they want to live

If you follow me for a longer time, it can’t be a surprise that I am part of the Millennial generation. I was born in 1993 (sorry for being young), which puts me bang in the middle of this generation. Generally speaking people by Millenial (or Gen Y) individuals born between 1980 and 2005. In Read more about How Millennials live and how they want to live[…]